Absence makes the heart grow fonder, yes? And I was doing so well there for a while, keeping on top of  my thrice weekly posts and everything . . . until I wasn’t. Such is life. I have much to tell and now that things have calmed down again, I shall resume the “secret” revealing. As you know my revelations are usually in the vein of parables and codes. . . but not always. That is for another day . . . hopefully later this week!


But now it is time for the Monthly News. Always an amusing misnomer as it takes place in the middle of the month and only covers the first two weeks  of 19th century inspired headlines. There were so many good articles this month that I did not scour vignettes from all my 10 keyword searches, but merely stopped two words in! March is a month of madness amongst other things like women’s history, technology, and all things Irish. The eight breaking news bits are both a commonly blend of both 19th century AND modern. How perfectly apropos. There is a present day Victorian joke detective and garbologist (true story!). There is a call to action for London’s Victorian museums. One article discusses the odd life of Mr. Oliphant. Another piece delves into the history of Victorian women’s role in science. Below is an article on a new Victorian inspired game with a video trailer! Near my own town in Arizona there was a Steampunk Convention early this month!! Zounds! And my personal favorite, forgotten and revived 19th century baby names!