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Recall earlier this month I confessed to finally letting my gray hair shine? Well, there is more to the story. Like any transition, the metamorphosis stage is a tricky one and it is usually ugly and/or unpleasant. Enter in: The Cut!

I know, I know! My little world and the people in it are generally freaking out. Most are aghast that I would “butcher” my locks. At which point, I politely inform them I am actually cutting my hair to better help the gray grow in.–which leads to groans and laments on their side. My rational is, if hair is sheared, it has a shorter length to grow and be less apt to physically stick out away from the head (of course, Product would also help). Cutting my hair will actually make the gray more apparent. Whoo-hoo! Which is precisely “the problem” for my peers, who have yet to join My Awesome Wagon. Again, they cite it as a barrier for attracting a future spouse. One even went so far as to say “Do you want to get married or not? Because it seems you are just putting up walls to keep everyone at bay.”–Really? Walls? In the form of gray hair? Perhaps a shrink may side with her, but I see it as a test. “Only serious applicants should apply.”

I was always going to cut my hair after I got married, but I have to stop using marriage as the benchmark for “life” to happen. So here’s my plan, get bangs and shoulder length hair now while I am single. Should I enter in a long term relationship, I’ll grow it all out again, because there is a very specific hairstyle I want for my wedding and by golly I will do everything in my natural power to achieve that look!

On an off-hand historical note, shoulder length hair did not gain popularity until the 1930s and was length of the decade throughout the 40’s. Not 19th-century inspired at all, but this blog is also Modern and this cut happened right now!