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I know what you must be thinking; “Didn’t you just write a Standard Designer post last week?” Yes, I did. Technically, last week’s post should have been last month’s post. However given the renovation I was living in and the sadness of Christmas . . . it was not posted. Today, I am on schedule for January’s post. Woot! Nothing like being on top of things!

For those who have no idea what I’m jawing about, The Standard Designer is a Late-Victorian era periodical my friend and I found in a local antique shop a long while ago. It was always my intent to share this fashion magazine, more so, once I found out this particular issue was not available online.  Each month since its purchase I posted eight pictures from The Standard Designer for y’all to see. Thus said, I didn’t properly “math” and was not expecting to be continuing these posts for so long. Apparently, the periodical was a more lengthy than I assumed. The condition and quality is rather poor, but all the pages are present, which is noteworthy. My photographs are also not the highest quality, but if there is any page that catches your eye, please let me know. I will gladly scan a high definition image for you.

The succeeding eight pages are as follows:


Page 85


Page 86


Page 87


Page 88


Page 89


Page 90


Page 91


Page 92