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Some months ago, a friend of my mine and I went into a local antique store a1nd stumbled upon a Victorian fashion periodical call the Standard Designer. She helped secured it for a rock bottom price. I was overjoyed! I have always wanted to own one and now I do! It’s not in the best shape, by any means. However, it does have all its pages, albeit with some rips, tears, stains, and marks upon them. After doing a cursory check online, this is only available copy of this edition on the internet. This information and pictures are too good to keep to myself. So for the past months, I have been taking eight pictures at a time to share with you Dear Readers. Again, these images are taken from my phone and not the highest quality (I know, I know. It’s “bad professionalism” but at least I am being transparent about it.) If there is any particular page you want in higher/scanned quality please let me know and I’ll accomplish that straight away for you. No charge! Let me know in the comment section if there is an page that catches your eye for further inspection. The next eight are listed below:


Page 77


Page 78


Page 79


Page 80


Page 81


Page 82



Page 83


Page 84