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More than half the month is over! And the world is brimming with 19th century related news! What a great way to start 2016. After reading numerous articles over the past two weeks or so, I have narrowed down the exhaustive heap to a more manageable list of eight headlines to share. I learned of some delightful new social etiquette, or lack there of, involving escort cards. There is an article citing BBC2’s production Victorian Baker, in which a cast member confesses some of her lessons from the 19th century show. Fun read. Another reviews the minutia that is Whitechapel bar in San Francisco; complete with pictures. There is a short sales pitch for a Victorian house Louisiana with jaw dropping balconies! *gush gush!* Speaking of homes, the Metropolitan Museum of Art is having a three part exhibition of interiors from the Gilded Age with gorgeous close up photographs. Be still my heart! There is also an article showcasing leisure photographs from the Edwardian period. It is also a great look at the fashion. Another thing I learned; night clubs are a Belle Époque concoction! What the what?! How awesome is that?! The article goes on to describe the evolution using New Orleans as a backdrop. Fascinating!! But what y’all really want to know is the rumor of Julian Fellowes, of Downton Abbey fame, back to his writer’s desk? It’s all true!  Mr. Fellowes is releasing an app based series . . . Oh it’s so high tech! And with a 19 century twist! The Victorians, with their love of invention, would eat this up!