Midmonth, already? . . . It must be time for the news! December is always a fun month to sort through 19th century-inspired headlines. With soooooo many to choose from, it borders on overwhelming. Unsurprising many articles advertise a “Victorian Christmas.” A multitude of places all over the world have Victorian Christmas fairs, walks, shows, house tours and the like. Over a few years the initial excitement of finding these articles have worn off a bit. Now I look for new spins on he old favorites and By Jove! I’ve found some this year!! Interestingly enough, I have seen a couple of creepy headlines as well. This December is delivering a nice little mix of merry and macabre. For a perfect blend of 19th century modern there is a new custom-made Gothic Victorian Lego set as an ode to the renown Ada Lovelace. There have been numerous sightings of two life-size Victorian dolls trolling the streets of London. A new travel company is offering a private Victorian London tour for those with ample time and finances. One article covers the “next big thing,” 19th century style; the Magic Lantern! For the novel Christmas twist, Teddy Bears take center stage, a journalist attempts a feast, the smallest Queen and Consort open the holiday festivities, and in another town all the shop keepers take up costumes and actors take over the streets. So cool! Something we have not seen before!