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Some months I write a shopping list for items readers can buy themselves or for other people, but in September and December I usually pen what have been lusting after. Despite my holiday gift-giving themes, it does not apply to others bestowing me with presents in the same vein. If, say the theme is Eco-Friendly gifts, and someone want to purchase a Cadillac Ciel for me this Christmas . . . well, I wouldn’t turn it down!


Below is a list eight of seemingly random things I would love for Christmas.


I am in a nesting mood. I have been issuing my upmost restraint not to buy out Home Depot. As you know, I am having my floors redone this month and while my timeline to finish up Diamondleaf Cottage focuses more on the public spaces, I would love this crown moulding for my master bedroom. Cottage Princess-y, no?

Continuing with the nesting thread, I have an open floor plan and to separate the dining and parlor space I wanted a tall curio cabinet to place between the two areas. An antique curio cabinet, such as the one above, would be a dream!

I’m in my 30s and I still do not own a matching set of silverware. This needs to be fixed. I was saving to add it to my wedding registry with intent of entertaining as a couple. The wedding is not to be, but I still feel I ought to have some pretty forks that match. Right?

In the distant future, when I finally finish the inside of the cottage to my liking (maybe I’ll never move!), I have it in mind to take my creativity outside with a wonderfully sturdy cast iron patio set. Naturally, I would  repaint it to echo my aesthetic perhaps in a hot pink or royal blue.

I have quite a bit of blank wall space in the master bedroom, it was organically intend for a large wedding portrait, but let’s not go there . . . who is to say I cannot sit for a beautiful oil portrait to place in that spot anyways?

In previous years I have posted utilitarian corsets and this year is no different, because I still don’t have one. I love the modesty of the over bust corset, but after wearing one . . . well, I’m too small chested to begin with. . . I do not care for the way it looks. Under-bust is probably the way to go with my body shape.

Here is another repeat; the Battenburg Lace Parasol. I live in Arizona. I’m very pale . . . it makes sense. More importantly, it will make me feel like a classy 19th Century Modern lady sashaying down the sidewalk.

I need this because Reasons.