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November was an interesting month to search for news. At first, not much stood out. Then slowly, bits and pieces began to make their way to Front Page Status. It is an interesting and a bit darker collection of 19th century inspired articles from around the web. There is a piece about Victorian-era criminals with loads of mug-shots (who doesn’t love those?!). A few vignettes on theater production, even one of the Steampunk variety! A chilling discovery that “Consumption” is alive and well in first-world modern society! This is not comforting, people!! To add to the macabre is an article on killer acid-green pigment which Victorians were so fond of. On a much lighter note, there is passage about the Edwardian train ride called the Royal Scotsman.–Sounds like a good tagline for Outlander, eh?–But, seriously the interior is to die for! Absolutely stunning! It makes me yearn to go back to Scotland. I’ve said it once and I will say it again, the Scottish Highlands is what heaven must look like.–Or so I would image. But I digress. There are two literary inclined articles, because I’m a Librarian. Hello! One is a selection of mini-biographies of 19th century women authors and the other is a genius ‘outreach’ program from the New York Public Library. Word!