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The Great News by Thomas Rowlandson, 1820

Again, it has been a few months since I resumed the monthly news post; 19th century related news I aggregate for your perusal. October seems to be chock full of headlines concerning the 1800s endeavors or things with a current spin. How perfectly 19th Century Modern!

I pared down the massive list to the eight show-stoppers and jaw droppers. In other words, this month is less about which historical society is hosting a Victorian tea fundraiser (although I do love those bits as well!) Nay, the October links provided here are accompanied with never before seen photographs and while some of the text is meaty, I assure you, it is well worth the read!

There is an article about female pilots, the dirty king-to-be, and the always-awesome Ada (Ha! Take that for alliteration!). Also on the list, are vignettes of architecture from what once was to the radical reimaging of the industrial revolution. The latter is by far, my favorite story of the bunch! There is also a birthday celebration for a beloved Ivy League University and a note about alcohol. Lastly, just in time for Halloween I included a piece on a creepy app.