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As of September 17th, 19th Century Modern completed another year! Yaaaay! So it is time for the annual round of this past years best of the best posts and a few shout outs. As the last 365 days have an unusual case of extreme highs and lows in my personal life, so is the reflection of top honors. The top four posts of the past year are listed by category below.

Most Viewed: See the most scoped out posts of the last year

  1. Loving Books: Because seriously, who does not?
  2. First Order of January: Because books.
  3. Eight 19th Century Valentines Gifts for Sir: The monthly shopping post
  4. Summer Readers: More books, because Obviously.

Most Liked: The silent raves

  1. Mute Monday: Ghostly: Booooooo!
  2. Shopping with the Devil: October’s shopping post
  3. Autumn Winds: This is amazing because I just posted it yesterday!!
  4. TIE FOR 4TH! —Buy This Not That: 19th Century Father’s Day Edition and March to Readom: You all just like to read and shop, huh?

Most Commented: The vocal waves

  1. Prepping for a Victorian Christmas: Dressing up for the holidays
  2. Mute Monday: The One: The highest point of my year
  3. #1 Favorite from 19th Century Modern: Ironic it was last year’s best of the best
  4. The Long Trip from Antarctica: Because my book club rocks!

The Life Time Achievement Awards go to the post over the last few years that have garnered the most in their category. The envelope please . . .

The Most Viewed Post on 19th Century Modern EVER . . .

Picture This, a post about possible bio-pic ideas focusing on 19th century high society women, with paintings

The Most Liked Post on 19th Century Modern EVER . . .

Mute Monday: Ghostly, which was posted this year! That is a first.

The Most Commented Post on 19th Century Modern EVER . . .

Watch Your Language, a fun post discussing the vocabulary

Lastly, I want to give a shout-out to my followers, viewers, and those random souls who stumbled upon the blog by happenstance . . .

Below is the short list of the Top Locations people are visiting from:

  1. The United States! *High Five!*
  2. Poland! Love you guys!—Huge Polish contingency of viewership, I am tempted to visit Poland as a result. No joke.
  3. UK! I am so pleased with this considering I am a bit of an Anglophile. Must return there. England, wonderful. Wales, beautiful. Scottish Highlands–I am convinced is what Heaven looks like.
  4. Germany! Again, I am pleasantly surprised! I have been to Germany as an adolescence and it was marvelous! Germans, you are awesome!


Thus said, I appreciate everyone who stops by, truly. Next year the winners might hold or there may be new comers.