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Ah, yes, the winds of change are evident this week! For me, it brings about many exciting superficial changes from my signature Fall Scent to switching to a more seasonally appropriate purse.

The Victorians did things seasonally, so I am just following hundreds of years of tradition here. At least that is my story and I am sticking to it!

BurberryI am still working on selecting a signature scent, which will no doubt be from Burberry. For the time being, I shall be using my new Burberry London! I do love the muskier aromas.

I also have a habit of changing my professional make-up look twice a year. I know, I know, you must think me strange and I am here to tell you, . . .  you are right. On one hand you could say I am lazy, on the other hand you could say I am a visionary like Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg always wearing the same shirt because they do not have time for styling when they are busy revolutionizing the world! I think of myself as somewhere in the middle. Basically, I do not have the time nor inclination to trowel on a new make-up look every day for work. I usually peruse the Beauty section of style.com for feasible looks.


Fall 2015 is copper eye shadow on the lids, charcoal grey eye-liner, pink gel blush on the apples on my cheek, and “my natural lip color” L’Oreal Tender Pink with similar lip liner. Normally, I am able to the cite the inspiration, this year I cannot tell you which designer collection inspired this look because I simply lost that information on my computer a few months past.

purseMy go-to reticule this season is a navy blue leather Classic Elements bag. It is from a few years ago. All throughout my 20s, I purchased a new purse every Spring and Fall. It is about time I reuse them! Or the ones I have left; family and friends know of this high rotation of totes and often waited in line or called dibs on ones they like as soon as the season is over. I happily handed them over to them when I was done.

Then there are two Autumn Traditions I have. I always wear orange on the First day of Fall in honor of the changing of the leaves, which is just as fascinating to watch as the changing of the guard! The irony of course, is I live in Arizona where Autumn is a myth and leaves do not fade into brilliant hues of rust, oranges, yellows, and flaming reds. So I play the leaf and represent an injection of Fall. Secondly, I always have Mama’s Chili on the Equinox! Being of Mexican descent, I have my chili with a side of quesadilla triangles. Because that is how we roll.

Is any of this Victorian? Not particularly. For those Victorians who could afford it, they had seasonal trips to Worth in Paris for dresses and accessories. Scents were a big industry in the 19th century, but not cosmetics. Make-up was for hussies. As for the orange business and the dinner? Orange, no. Not like my tradition anyways. And chili, sure! Chili has been around forever. I am totally going to pass off Chili as 19th Century-ish.

Well there you have it, how the Doyenne celebrates Autumn! Anyone else have quirky traditions?