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Our beloved Queen Victoria, the name sake, for our favorite era (oh, all right, MY favorite era), no longer holds the title has the longest ruling Monarch in England’s history. *whips out hanky and dabs eyes*

The honor now officially goes to Queen Elizabeth II. My hat go off to the new Queen of Queens. May the Second Elizabethan era be as gold as the first.

–I still cling to Victoria, however. She is still my favorite. Because 1870-1890s Bustle Dresses. Obviously.–Not that Victoria started the trend or anything.

Other news outlets have placed the ladies side by side for compare and contrast, with Queen Elizabeth still coming out on top. And yes, I agree with them. Elizabeth is a much better Queen all around.–Still. Favorites, you know. Here are my opinionated lists for each woman.

Queen Victoria

  • Victoria was crowned soon after her 18th birthday. She was never expected to be Queen at the time of her birth.
  • She married her beloved Albert when she was 21.
  • She was a bit stubborn and most of the reforms associated with the era are largely due to Prince Albert.
  • She’s was not a spendthrift like the royals that proceeded her, but she definitely pulled rank when she felt like it.
  • More of a figurehead and was a bit flighty in her politics.
  • She had nine children, almost all went on to become Royals of other European nations.
  • A bit of a recluse and fashion disaster who let herself go after the death of her beloved.
  • Public sentiment vacillated wildly during her reign, especially after Albert passed, but it swung favorably during her Diamond Jubilee.
  • There were many assignation attempts on her life.
  • She passed away in 1901 at the age of 82.

Queen Elizabeth II

  • She was never meant to be come Queen either.
  • She married when she was 21.
  • She became Queen at 25.
  • Elizabeth has been said to be stubborn as well and continued Victoria’s financial consciousness.
  • While Elizabeth is a figure head, she is more sympatric to the people and showed her resolve for duty during the War years.
  • Had four children who all divorced their spouses.
  • Elizabeth was never a recluse and seems to have it down to a science how many public appearances are required to keep her people satiated. Was rather fashion forward in her younger years. As she has gotten older she seems to favor vibrant matching sets.
  • Public sentiment was staunchly against Elizabeth during the wake of Princess Diana’s death. It took years for her reputation to recover. But Elizabeth has always been slow and steady.
  • There were no attempts on her life.
  • Elizabeth has already out lived Victoria by seven years, so far.

I wonder how many more generations it will take before another Queen ascends the throne? Will we be around? How marvelous would that be?