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by Alexander M. Rossi

Skim the headlines of any American newspaper early this month and you would be sure to land on article discussing the controversy over the removal of the Confederate or Rebel Flag from Columbia, the capital of the state of South Carolina. The flag stems from the 19th century around the time of the American Civil War. The article included in this month’s news is a contemporary look at the debate. Some Readers from the United States and elsewhere may not care nor take a stance either way on the topic. However, it is an action for our history books to take down the flag. There are many people from both camps who are mighty upset about it as they are people who are pleased by the move. The article is from the perspective of an African American and I added it as for food for thought. What is your opinion? Do you see the flag as a symbol of oppression? A historical image? Or is a symbol just what you make of it?

The other seven headlines are no-where near as controversial and are in good fun. This month’s round up includes the Queen’s knickers, a fabulous bar, beautiful costal architecture, a fantastic tour of Jack the Ripper’s investigation (SUCH a neat idea!!), exhumed photographs, female painters, and 19th century version of the San Diego Comic-Con, if you will (not really, but the vastness is surprisingly similar!).