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Season of Life Middle Age by Currier and Ives

According to the dictionary,

Americana (noun): Books, papers, map, etc. relating to America, especially its history, culture and geography.

The word was coined in the middle of the 19th century and is often related to “folksy” items that can be found in nearly every antique store in the United States. Many times Americana includes a wooden (Native American) Indian sculpture, needlepoint, eagle motifs, and Southern or Southwestern themed pieces. Modern classics from the 1950s fall into this category, such as license plates, 50’s diner memorabilia, and other “vintage” material.

Of course, for this month’s shopping post, I am focusing on the 19th century items. All pieces seen below are from my favorite online antique store; Ruby Lane. Depending on when you visit this page, the items may already be sold and the page removed. This time around, I just selected eight pieces that appealed to me regardless of price. In other words, the items are out of my own budget!

First, Annie Oakley hat and glove set. Famed, for her sharp shooting, Annie Oakley was a star in the Wild Bill Cody’s touring Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show. The Broadway play, Annie Get Your Gun was inspired by her life.The Butcher, the baker, and the candlestick maker . . . This belongs to the latter.

The iconic Indian head, a standing staple of 19th century American West cigar shops everywhere.

Native American Style Sculpture

 Keep your eye on the (iron) target. A rare find.

The Eagle has landed. Repeat, the Eagle has landed! Archetypical Federalist mirror.

You should walk a mile in my shoes. Beautiful men’s moccasins.

Point me in the right direction. Folk needlepoint birds.

Lastly, a stunning Southern quilt in the colors of the American flag.