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Catching Up on the News by Henry Spernon Tozer, 1913

Another jammed pack month of 19th century related news. Again, I had to really edit for the top eight headlines to share with you today. In all I had over two dozen! Since June hosts Father’s Day in America, I tried to focus on more gentlemen friendly news. Typically, I aggregate the headlines using various keywords: Victorian, 19 century, 1800s, Gilded Age, Belle Epoque, American Civil War, Fin de Siclie, Edwardian, Regency, Steampunk, and the like. I then skim the articles that were posted in June. As it happens with the News Post on 19th Century Modern being scheduled for the middle of the month, all the news listed was posted in the first two weeks or so of any given month. Some articles are not fully accessible without a subscription, so those links are eliminated, regardless of how tantalizing the headline may seem. With the links that are left, I strive to present a well-rounded grouping, so you will not see eight links to Victorian houses currently on the market or eight different Historical Societies around the world hosting a Victorian Tea Fundraiser. Variety, after all, is the spice of life. So let’s get spicy! Be sure to check out the last one and consider your mind blown.