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Jean-Baptiste Isabey by Francois Gerard, c. early 19th century

In a few short weeks Father’s Day will be upon us. While Mother’s Day often gets most of the attention making Father’s Day a little bit underwhelming, the men who raised us deserve similar acknowledgement. –I am a Daddy’s Girl through and through.

Now often with the case of shopping posts, the latest and the greatest items de jour are touted as the ways to show appreciation for a father. While some fathers most definitely fit that category, I know many a man who might prefer something a little more wholesome and low tech, preferably something with a historical or origin-bent to it.

Below are eight items you could get your modern father, but I am recommending the “19th century old school” version; which may or may not be easier on the pocketbook. But you know what they say, “it is the thought that counts.”

Instead of an iPad Air 2 buy a Steno Notepad

Fairly Low Technology. More than $400 cheaper than the iPad Air 2 and more widely available. A Steno Pad is best for list making and shorthand notes. Writing implement of choice sold separately.

Instead of Kindle Fire HDX 7 buy him an actual Hardcover Book on a 19th century topic.

232 pages of American History, including some glossy photographs. $175 cheaper (on one to one comparison) Does not break as a Kindle would when drop and no need to recharge the device.

Instead of Pencil by 53 purchase a bonafide 134 Piece Deluxe Sketching and Drawing Chest.

Options. Lots of pretty options. A different feel, the ability to smudge with a finger tip on paper versus a touch screen. Instruments will work on any kind of paper and various surfaces. The nostalgic view of art and in such a handsome case. To the credit of modernity, the Pencil by 53 is actually cheaper.

134-Pc. Deluxe Sketching & Drawing Chest

Instead of an Olympus Touch TG-3 Underwater Camera purchase a Kodak Brownie Box Camera

Genuine antique. “Considered by many experts to be the most important important camera ever manufactured.” Would go beautifully with a history buff or hipster dad.

Instead of an Apple Watch gift your father with a Genuine Pocket Watch.

The most notable difference is the pocket watch will literally save you thousands of dollars. Thus said, this particular pocket watch is of the extremely rare and valuable kind, which is priced greater than the Apple, but the pocket watches needn’t be so costly.Yet nothing is as timeless (Get it?! Timeless, ahahaha!) and class as a chained pocket watch. It screams pretentiousness and confidence of another era.

Instead of a Callaway Big Bertha Alpha 815 golf driver gift your father with Antique Golf Clubs.

No doubt the new golf clubs looking amazing, there is something to be said for classic simplicity. This club is from the 1930s and is worn from use on the green. Tam and plaid pantaloons sold separately.

Hickory Golf Club - H.H. Gamble, Niblick, RARE, Fine +

Instead of a Sole bike get him a Classic Deluxe 7 Schwinn Bike.
From the leading 19th century bicycle maker. In a 1955 design. Cruiser. Very vintage looking while meeting modern safety and manufacturing standards. Besides . . . seriously, it is a Schwinn. It is right up there with Harley Davidsons for iconic bikes.

Instead of Alec Bradley Cigars get him the old fashion favorite El Principe de Gales (Prince of Wales) Cuban Cigars.

A El Principe de Gales label from the  Vicente Martínez Ybor Cigar Factory.