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Morning Papers by John George Brown

Oh my goodness! There are a multitude of fascinating news stories this month. Multitude! I halted my perusal after I reached over two dozen great articles. Truly, I spent three hours just last night going through the aggregating process and that does not count the other hours I spent gleaning bits earlier in the week. I believe this rash of headlines is a first for 19th Century Modern. Was it not just last month, I was lamenting the dearth of interesting 19th century-related news content? Good heavens! The Newspaper gods, heard my plea and made it RAIN! Since there is an enormous list of news this month, I am throwing in an Extra one for your viewing pleasure. So there are nine choices for you today. Nine! As a person with residual Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, it speaks volumes, that I broke away from my Top Eight (remember my thing for the number four and all numbers divisible by it). I settled on nine articles because there were so many fascinating stories, I could not deny you, Dear Reader. Moreover, I agonized for almost a half hour as to which article to cut out to make the Top Eight. I simply could not bring myself to trim any of them. They are all quite interesting!

So behold! For the first time ever in the history of the world, here are nine articles for you to read. One touches on the macabre medium of insect art. Seeing as April is the anniversary of the Titanic’s failed voyage, I would be remiss not to include a nod to this event. A wonderful, albeit sad, history of a pioneering working woman. Jewels! Shiny, sparkly jewels, sure to catch your eye and murder your wallet. One of my favorite articles is the unusual hotel touted as something straight out of a James Bond movie, but it is 19th century made. Huzzah! The photographs are striking and drool-worthy. All matters of Sherlock Holmes is revealed in this wood-clad room. As a Librarian, I cannot believe I did not think of this program with multi-generational appeal! Kudos to the group. Another headline goes into some of the Midwest’s social elite. Plenty of photographs are provided to induce envy. Then there is the Raj Bungalow, such a beautiful and exotic work of architecture built far from the sweltering heat of India. Lastly, the Extra Ninth Headline (sounds a bit like a title of a thriller novel, eh?), I will leave as a surprise.

The mysterious Extra Ninth Headline featuring Downton Abbey’s Evil Butler!