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By Augustus Edward Mulready, 1900

We have survived the ides of March and Saint Patrick’s Day, if you are not too hung over from last night escapades, then you shall be curious to know what is happening in the world concerning 19th century matters. Unlike, previous months, this time finding interesting stories to share was a bit of a research project. More digging and less editing this March. Still intriguing headlines abound. 19th century women criminals mug shots and some biographical notations. A lingerie fashion show fit for Queen Victoria has a video clip advertisement that is quite nicely done. The recipe from the 1800s for a type of beer has resurfaced. Fans of craft beer and pub crawlers rejoice. a rare collection of match safes is on display. The images show beautifully carved pieces. A piece of furniture with a rather morbid history also makes an appearance. My two favorite articles are the sleuths whose hobby is to track down the relatives of previously unknown civil war soldiers. A history buff’s dream! The other is more pertinent to my own situation, 100 marriages catalog and itemized to devise a hypothesis as to what makes a happy marriage during the Gilded Age. It is dually depressing and eye opening. Could we still the same “formula” holds true?