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Self Portrait by Edgar Degas, 1862

Saint Valentine’s Day in the United States tends to focus on the ladies and the sweet nothings they desire to remind them they are precious and loved. Let us not forget the gentlemen who are trying to be the good sirs around here and play into the holiday. Ladies, to show appreciation to your gent this February 14th, kindly review the succeeding suggestions to show equal love and support for your significant other. Photographs are linked to their respective purchasing sites, unless otherwise stated. Some are true antiques, others are a nice blend of 19th century and Modern. Ideas were gleaned from other web-sites touting all the latest gear for women to buy their men.

Perhaps, your Mister is mustachioed? Perhaps he is often showered with gifts? Perhaps he loves to write? Better yet, perhaps it’s ALL true?! Then this 19th century-modern inspired thank you notes . . .

 Not a writer? Many gentlemen fall into that category. Not loaded with precious gifts? That is alright. But for the bearded and mustachioed man on your list, one cannot get any more posh than a Truefitt & Hill Shaving Kit! The company harkens back to 1805! Do read on . . .

Is your Sir a clean shaven bloke? Then maybe some undergarments as another source of warmth? *photograph from Spitfire: An advertisement divertissement. **no link**

Oh, so he is not one to be seen in such a state of undress? Maybe he prefers to see, than be seen. If so, the “new” wooden camera from the 1800s is bound to turn his view into a different perspective.

So, he is not a shutterbug, either? Go figure. Certainly, he is an upstanding gentleman. As such, any gentleman worth his salt, dons a top hat . . .

You say he cannot be bothered with pretentiousness and leans more to the practical? Well, why didn’t you say? This authentic doctor’s bag is perfect even, if he is not a physician of any sort. It stands as a briefcase, suitcase or laptop-bag as need be.

Right-o. Not a doctor, I see. More modern than not. Well, here is a gadget that is sure to catch his attention. “The Gramovox Bluetooth gramophone allows you to stream nostalgia.”

Bluetooth Gramophone - In Scene

If he is the more literary type, which to be quite honest is a bit more my type, then nothing but a pristine first edition of manly books will do . . . Last price at most current auction was over $43,000. **no link**