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Going to the City by James Tissot, 1879

Ah, it is that time again. A bit of the monthly news. The first news reel of the new year! These articles were pulled from the world wide web regarding the 19th century or its modern day version of it. No better time to read them than on the way to one’s employment, although if you are sneaky, you might even read them on the clock. Scandalous, to be sure! Your secret will be safe with me. Below, are eight of the most newsworthy things I exhumed from the mass of articles.

There are links to photographs of a highly crafted carriage that is simply butter upon bacon! My goodness, the extravagance and attention to detail! There is a new console game during the Victorian era for all those Victorian-esque gamers whom frequent this site. A fascinating vignette, albeit more of a serious bent, about an architectural/civil engineering movement in the United Kingdom being hailed as anti-skyscraper. I was truly quite taken and support this cause. There are also food bits with recipes! Science of macro-photography in the environment. A library program that touches on the 1800s. This inclusion was a must and a respectful nod to my chosen profession. However, most of my readership will agree with me, the Victorian fashion links of true Street Style before it was cool and everyone became a fashion-blogger, displays the jammiest bit of jam! In all honesty, I exclaimed aloud looking at the photographs and politely wiped my drool of my laptop. Absolutely squeal worthy!!