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Major General Stevenson showing’em how it is done; separating the men from the boys.

More on my Victorian Christmas at the Cottage . . . I have received the RSVPs from my guests already. Six people will not be in attendance, which leaves me with 16 people committed to sharing the festivities. An even split with eight ladies and eight gentlemen. I am so thrilled!

Knowing how most of the men are not keen on dressing up, I sent them a special message. In it, I suggested they not shave their faces until the day of the party. Prior to arrival it is recommended they shave it in a very 19th century fashion. Options include, but not limited to, a full beard, chin curtain, curled mustache, or wickedly cool mutton chops! I am soooooo hoping someone will have the audacity and the flair to do this. Most of the gentlemen invited to the party are willing to grow something. Their female counterparts are not so happy with me at the moment, but it should be fun!

One of the men asked if he could just shave the hair off his back and glue it to his face. –Ewww! Ohmygosh, too much information! That conversation is over. The Filipino gentleman complained he cannot grow a beard if he wanted to. His wife joked he can just sprout his customary five little hairs to participate. He went on to explain that he can grow a mustache, but then people on the street mistake him for a Mexican. I laughed so hard at this news, because at the party there will be five males of Mexican heritage, two of American, and him, as the lone Filipino. If he grew a mustache he would fit right in.

I cannot wait to see who will arrive with the Chops! My bet is on my brother, Mr. D, my father Mr. F or my soon to be father in law, Senor M! The fathers have no shame and are always up for a good laugh. My brother is just lazy and he lives to make my mother scoff in annoyance (does anyone else have brothers who are complete pest like this?).

I promise photographs after Christmas!