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Two weeks to go before Christmas! As if you are not already aware. . .  and if you are truly unaware, you better get moving! Perhaps, I can give you gift-ideas? Below are items from my favorite antique website, Ruby Lane, that are in the same vein of the gifts I am giving this holiday season. In other words, I did not explicitly purchase these exact items, but I purchased the type of item; for example Victorian earrings. I included four feminine gifts and four masculine gifts. And yes, all these items have aristocratic price tags; I did this purposely for the jaw-dropping/drool factor. Thus said, I suggest you pull out your lace edge handkerchief and prepare yourself. All pictures are links to the actual page on Ruby Lane, with various other photographs and information. Not all of these items are still available. In no particular order . . .

For Lady A, earrings

For Senora B, a fan

For Mr. D, a waistcoat

Lady D, a ring

For Senor E, cufflinks

Senor G, a walking cane

Senorita K, a hat

Mr. M, wine or liquor decanter