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This is my First Christmas at the Cottage and it is going to be a Victorian one! Naturally. However, I am not a huge fan of over doing holiday decorating. Part of the reason is visual aesthetic and the other, is financial practicality. This is my first year hosting Christmas and I do not want to spend a small fortune on decorations. I rather invest in a few pieces and build the holiday stash over the years. I am borrowing most of my Christmas décor from my Mother and purchasing a few essentials. Those essentials are the tree and garland. I love garland! It’s green and you can swag it around anything. Who does not admire a pretty draping of boughs? Oh and I am attempting to make a gingerbread house. From a kit. With instructions. . . .This might end up as a Pintrest Fail.

I sent out the invitations to a choice few. They have been instructed to wear formal attire or era appropriate attire. I am renting a costume for the evening! So very excited about that (although I do wish I had American Duchess Travistock boots for the occasion). The meal will mimic the formal dinners of the 19th century! The escorted parade to the dinning room. Place cards near the wine glasses. Honored Female and Male Guests. A catered feast (as you are well aware of my domestic limitations in the kitchen. Best not to induce casualties on such a festive day). A toast! Women to the Drawing room for chit chat and tea, men with their port in the dining room. Gift exchanges. Gathering around the piano to sing Christmas songs. Perhaps followed by a rousing game of charades and Fact or Crap.

Sounds lovely, eh? To keep with the theme; (and I so love a theme!!) all gifts purchased (for all those that are attending) are to be either genuine antiques, reproductions, replicas, revival, or the company had to be established during the 19th century (like a wine or candy company).

I was debating whether to serve Christmas Pudding, but those whom I inquired, vetoed the idea (Suet? Mincemeat? No thank you! they said). Still deciding if we should read a Christmas Carol or the Night Before Christmas . . . Traditions, traditions, what to pick?