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November 14th, I received the 2014 Emerging Leader Award from the Arizona Library Association at their annual conference . . .


What I jokingly thought I’d say for my acceptance speech: “Wow! I won the Supreme Dictator of the World Award!!–erm, I mean “Emerging Leader.” Eh, same difference. First I want to thank the Academy and all my fans. I also want to thank all the little people I had to step on to get here today. You like me, you REALLY like me!”

Excerpted from what I really said: “I can’t believe I won the Emerging Leader Award! I don’t even know what I’m doing. . . Just yesterday, I became woefully lost on the way to the conference; how can I lead anyone, when I can’t even find my way through my closet without a compass and a map. . . I want to thank all of you who have tolerated and encouraged my world take over schemes, my random tangents and endless questions, and for helping me refocus when I got distracted by shiny sparkly things. . . I deeply humbled to receive this award and will continue to strive to do my best to remain worthy of this honor, even if in my excitement, I run into walls.–Don’t laugh! It happens!”