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As Cold Water to a Thirsty Soul by George Goodwin Killburne


Back from the hinterland! Metaphorically speaking.  In reality, back from almost two weeks without access to a computer for a sufficient length of time. Now that my laptop and internet access has returned to me, I clutch it to my chest and never ever let it go! In that span of time, I have been saving up interesting articles to include for this month. At first, the going seem slow, but once I amassed over twenty possible headlines to include, I figured it was wise to pull back!

So here are your eight random bits of 19th century inspired news from around the world wide web. Below are the most titillating vignettes of information, I have come across in my monthly research. For the first time ever many of these links have video clips! There are some sexy bits, fashion notes, 19th century accommodations, museum collections, an amusement park (!), and baby names. While, I am not in the family way nor have My Fiancé and I made any critical wedding decisions; my mother (My Mother!) is pulling out the baby name book for “you know, when the time comes. . . . soon after [the wedding].”  *sputters in disbelief* This headline is for her-who-likes-to-think-way-ahead, for those who are looking to name a new addition to your own family (fur-kids totally count!) or just for the curious minded.