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The Long Engagement by Arthur Hughes, 1859

It has been a little over a month since My Suitor became My Fiancé and our fourth year anniversary of our first date! Previously we decided on a few bits about the wedding in general, but obviously there are many more decisions to make. MANY more! I quietly hold my tongue, because at the moment I am still a “Football Widow” and do not see My Fiance often. On a high note, his team is now in the Play Offs! Fabulous news for him! I am so proud and excited for him! I refuse to bombard him with questions concerning the wedding until after the sport’s season has come to a close and I have his undivided attention.

These are the small steps forward we have made thus far:

  • The Budget has been hashed out between the four parties, more or less. That was a nightmare! High emotions discussing this issue. I am so glad that part is over.
  • Wedding colors were decided. I basically asked My Fiance, “What do you think of the color combination of X,Y,Z?”–“Good.”  “Sweet,” I said and that was that. Wish the budget meeting went as smoothly.
  • We decided to have his Pastor officiate our Ceremony. He has known the gentleman since he was in fifth grade, first as a Youth Pastor, then as his Church Pastor, and currently one of his employers (Since, My Fiancé is the Music Director for the church).
  • We narrowed down the possible Wedding Planners to Four (of course, I use my lucky number). We also booked interviews with each of them later in the month.
  • My Maid of Honor will also serve as my Make-Up artist for the wedding and the female members of the bridal party. We did our first trial run the other day. Aside from a few minor tweaks I really liked it! Then my parents contributed their two cents. Goodness, everyone is a critic these days!

Major decisions loom on the horizon; wedding dress, accessories, honeymoons, and every combination and permutation of minutia detailing humanly possible. Then there are the parties! Fun times to look forward to, surely. I shall keep you readers posted monthly.