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Taken directly from Historic Haunted America by Michael Norman and Beth Scott (p.211). These are supposedly true stories recounted by word of mouth over the years and/or written down for posterity in some frightened person’s journal.

“In the Summer of 1880, John Cochran passed away. He had been visiting the C.H. Lane family of Pawnee City, Nebraska and died in their home. Since the cause of death could not be readily established, an autopsy was performed by four physicians. Cochran’s brain and heart were removed and taken by one of the doctors for further study.

The night after Cochran’s burial, the Lanes were awakened by loud knocks at the front door. They looked out the window and saw the dead man standing on the doorstep, vacant eyes fixed in his pallid face. Again, his gaunt fist struck the door, demanding that he be admitted.

A moment later, the family heard footsteps downstairs. No sooner had Mr. Lane started down the hallway to investigate than the translucent form of John Cochran shuffled toward him. In sepulchral tones, he demanded the return of all his body parts.

Every night thereafter the Lanes were visited by the ghost of the disassembled Mr. Cochran. Finally, Lane demanded that the physician return Cochran’s organs for burial. This was done in the presence of witnesses. The corpse was appeased and kept to its grave.”