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The Postman by Carl Spitzweg

It is here! It is here! The News Post! It is almost as good as receiving uplifting snail mail with your named scrawled upon the front. Again I have searched high and low (but mainly on the internet) for headlines which would be of interest. Luckily, I  found enough, so I actually had to edit it down to the Top Eight. Due to October hosting All Hallow’s Eve, I made a point to include a creepy bit of news. Pirates even make an appearance. However, there is abundance of the amusing and thought provoking random articles you have come to expect; such as the Queen’s underwear and it’s not quite on par with Victoria’s Secret; a jaw-dropping residence, from immigrant to Countess and time travel; sort of. The jewel in the crown is the slightly modern bit ‘How to Dress Like an Englishman.’ For the Ladies of Vicky A; your Benedict is photographed for your viewing pleasure.