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What 32 looks like

Has a year truly gone by?! How on earth do these things happen??? I began  penning the 19th Century Modern blog on my 30th birthday and now I am celebrating my 32nd today (precisely at 8:43 pm Mountain standard time, but hey, who’s counting?). My actual “Denim and Diamonds” party will not commence until this weekend, but that is a whole other blog post for later!

Using the built-in WordPress analytics, I have looked at statistics and re-read blog posts and comments, reviewed likes and views, and tried to create correlations on why some succeed and others do not. It is also an excuse to use my new advertising/marketing/sales knowledge I have gleaned in the past months. This data is used to analyze current interests, regardless of when the content was actually posted. Previously, I dropped my Polls as they were ill received, but Mute Mondays, introduced about a year ago seems to be picking up steam. So the data processing was validated for me.

Using last years categories, here are the 2013-2014 rankings:

Most of my viewership stems from the U.S. with the United Kingdom, Poland, and Germany following close behind! Poland and Germany were a surprise, but I love and welcome them all just the same!

The most commented post to date is Watch Your Language back from 2013.

The Top Four Most Liked Posts (Full disclosure, I have a thing for 4s)

#1 The Dinner Circle

#2 (April’s) News Drop

#3 Turning Red

(Four Way Tie for Fourth Place!)

#4.1 Mute Monday-Droll Dandy

#4.2 Mute Monday-Mother’s Day

#4.3 Stay Away-Part V

#4.4 A Steamy Wedding

Honestly, I am surprised A Steamy Wedding barely made the list this year. Every single day someone views the post. EVERY day! Last year I wondered what held the most appeal to the given post. I honestly did not think it was “Steampunk” I thought perhaps because it was “wedding” related. Now, that another year has passed, I have changed my mind. I believe the wedding is the least appealing aspect. In fact, I am more certain it is dually the Steampunk and Fashion topics that hold the most appeal . . . as well as pictures. Everyone likes pictures of pretty things.

Which brings me to . . . What have I learned from all this?

  • Pictures. Really, they are a serious selling factor. Still stupidly surprised at this. To think I went into blogging for long-form writing.
  • Lists. We all like seem to like lists. Most people, myself included, do not always have the time to read the well crafted epistles we so desire. I do try to set time aside just for this, but when I have a few moments to spare, I go for the short lists.
  • The hot topics tend to be Fashion, Steampunk, Gentlemen-related, Etiquette, Art, and Travel. In that order.
  • My spelling while getting better, generally is still not the best. I am much more cautious with reviewing on Preview (where I seem to catch most of my mistakes). Occassionally, I have even typed everything in a word document before publishing on WordPress! And still those misspelling occur. –This may be a life long struggle if I continue without an actual editor, given my severe hearing impairment and thus, language quirks.

As for the top four most liked posts, they will show up later in the month as reblogs for those new to 19th Century Modern can be introduced with the best of the best (spelling errors aside).

So what is next for 19th Century Modern?

  1. A new banner to celebrate my purchase of Diamond Leaf and a new life in this little town.
  2. An image to complement the Authoress. Really, why have I not done this already?
  3. More pictures of my personal life. Fine art is well and good, but I enjoy seeing other bloggers faces in their posts, so it is only fair to do the same.