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Life is getting extremely busy of late. Perhaps because school has resumed? Along with classes, there are sports; and by sports, I mean one in particular: Football. Yes, sir, my temporary widowhood is in full effect. I am back to scheduling my one hour a week cuddle time with My Suitor and planning our monthly movie date . . . , it leaves much time on my hands. Contrary to popular belief, I love it! Not, missing My Suitor part (in modern parlance, “That just sucks.”), but having Me Time!

I am no stranger to keeping myself entertained, perhaps it’s a hold over from being the youngest child and being banned from the big kids’ play. Regardless of the reason, I relish my six months of “singlehood.” I was pondering the idea of auditing a course at the local college, attending community classes, joining a club, or generally taking over the world (That is always on my list of things to do.–In fact, a co-worker likened me to Pinky and the Brain yesterday. Although, she did amend her comment saying, “Although, some days you are ALL Pinky!).

What happened instead of me looking for something to do, I was named the new Advertising and Marketing Person for the Friends of the Library organization. That said, I have absolutely no formal training in the subject; so I am researching up a storm. When questioned, they picked me because I am full of ideas and creativity, enthusiastic (I believe “spastic” was also tossed around), and hard working. I jumped at the chance! I am absolutely thrilled! The Friends of the Library organizations are essentially the fundraising arm of a public library. Every library that is not run by volunteers has one. Their sole reason for being, is to cover costs the City, Board, or Budget-makers cannot or will not cover. This could be a water fountain, furniture, computers, sponsoring specific programs, paying for conferences and training for staff, and so on and so forth. I am already a heavy contributor to the Friends of the Library Newsletter (because people keep asking me to write articles and I get to say “Yes, of course!”) Now have my own column where I get to write whatever I want. How fun!

To think this quasi-promotion comes on the heals of my own stab at marketing and advertising for the Literati, my adult book club. I sent out three articles to different local periodicals and they are all going to be featured! The cool magazine put it up on their website. The “business casual” complimentary magazine actually published it with fantastic art they created to go with the piece. This is my first time one of my article is published in print! Okay, so it is buried on page 94 of a 100 page magazine in the Dining, Travel, and Entertainment section, but gosh darn it, world take overs have got to start somewhere! I joked to my cousins who want copies of the publication, that I would even sign the article for free. Mlle V, texted me “Oooo, then I can say I knew you way back when!” To which I replied, “I know, right?! Don’t worry, I will always remember the little people who helped me along the way.”

The best part about all of this advertising for the Literati? The newspaper is going to cover it! The other librarians have had major write ups about their programs and now I can join the ranks! This is still a small town and the library makes it on the front page a least six times a year. Cross your fingers, this time it will be me on the cover!

For the curious minds, my own stab at marketing and advertising of the Literati cover about 15 different avenues. Thus far the reception has been fabulous! In fact, I have gotten three requests from other businesses and organizations to partner with the Literati. I am expecting anywhere from 30-50 people to attend the Premiere. Of course, I will write all about it here on 19th Century Modern come September. Huzzah!