Do you recall almost a year ago, I mentioned a tuxedo feline frequenting near the Cottage? Around March s/he disappeared and three months later the cat returned. I used to wave at him every time I saw him, since he was always watching me in that bored sort of way that cats do. I had dubbed the cat, Macbeth, since “Out, out damn spot!” was the first thing I did when I saw it. I am not sure if it is a male or female.

This morning however, he was at my back door! I opened the door and he waited to be petted, so I indulged him. Due to my hearing impairment, I have never been able to hear a cat purr, but I can feel the little motor when I touch them. So he was purring and rubbing up between my legs. Never had this experience with him before. I am positive the little critter is NOT a stray, besides he’s a little too white. Although he is a wee bit on the thin-side, I think.

I needed to prepare myself for work and reentered the Cottage and Macbeth just padded in after me. Oh no! I do not want the cat to be too comfortable! I am mildly allergic but My Suitor and one of my cousins who visits is deathly allergic. I cannot have kitty make himself at home here. I picked him up without a fuss and set him outside. I did not feel any teats, so I am thinking it is a male cat. So I have shortened his fake name to Mac. I gave the fellow some water and he lapped up most of it and went on his merry way.

I am just thrilled I have gained his trust! Huzzah! Mac the cat is back!