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Shopping in Paris by Basile Lemeunier

Mother’s Day has come and gone. Perhaps you are filled with remorse that you did not purchase a meaningful gift, failed to send that card on time, or forgot to pick up the phone. It is not too late! It is never too late to show your mother you love her. If you would like to make amends with a token of appreciation, believe me, she would not mind. Are you wringing your hands wondering what to get her or imagine she “wants” nothing? Let these “little trinkets” spur your imagination . . . All items can be found for sale on Rubylane.com

Your mother dearest, may be working up a sweat tending to house, the children, her career, and other things that worry mothers. You can at least mask her sweat with a calming scent in an opulent perfume bottle that would look marvelous on her vanity as well.

Your mother is the Queen of the house, you say? Very Queen needs a throne. This one will do quite nicely, I am sure.

She is not a monarch? Oh! She must be one of those powerful professional types. All business and devoted her career as much as her family. A sophisticated card case will be perfect for her business cards or calling cards.

Does your mother love to luxuriate herself with the highest caliber beauty products and make-up? Always pulling out pins to fix her curls? Or just have hordes of dazzling day jewelry she needs to stash within arms reach? This enormous dresser box with a Victorian Lady painted on the top is worth the expense. Aside: The image on the dresser box reminds me much of my own mother.

I know mothers who are more the bookish type. Always misplacing their glasses. And their books. If you this sounds like your mother, a lorgnette is just what she needs. It can also moonlight as a wickedly large pendant, but I believe it was suppose to clip on a broach of sorts, if not safely tucked away in a reticule. Someone may want to correct me if I am wrong. Click the picture for the link to more photographs of the actual glasses.

Or a book would be more apropos for an avid reader. Many a Victorian mother did her best to learn and instill the proper etiquette on to their loved ones. Good manners, next to posture, speech, and cleanliness was next to Godliness. A social faux pas would cast her down the ranks.

Mother, may be the fashionable type. Attending charity galas, balls, tea with the Queen and other occasion that are cause for evening wear. This sort of gift is not for the fainthearted. Do not attempt to purchase a frock for your mother unless you absolutely know without a doubt her fashion style AND her dress size. Her actual dress size, not the one she may tell you. Also, take caution the ensemble must address her “trouble spots” and above all enhance her beauty with comfort and panache! No small feat. If you are up for the challenge, may I interest you in this spectacular gown?

Lastly, Mother’s Day would not be the same without the mention of jewelry. Of course, women do not need a real occasion to be given baubles of shiny sparkly quality. This ring might look a bit like an engagement ring (which is a major hint to My Suitor, out there!) but it can be worn “just because.”