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By Mary Cassatt

Currently, prepping for Summer Reading at the library, writing a sales pitch to the City’s Engineering Department, and redecorating Diamondleaf Cottage while still reading a slew of books and catching up on DVDs . . . Gaaaah! Enough to make any lady go crazy. A good crazy. In my readings I came across some rather interesting and peculiar news fit for 19th Century Modern. May serves up some headline grabbing stories. From around the web here are eight of the best just for you, dear reader . . . .

  • Reasoning the Victorian Beard
  • First there was Nicholas Cage and then Jay-Z, now there is this guy . . . I suppose people are not unique like snowflakes.
  • It sounds a like a red light special or x-rated joke; but I assure there is such a thing as an Adult Soft Drink and I, for one, am eager to try it given the zany historical commercial.
  • Since today is Queen Victoria’s birthday, I thought I showcase a spot on Afternoon Tea. Here is the history of the English’s beloved activity.
  • Who would not want to own a fictitious 19th century crime den?!
  • Forget Cosmo’s latest “13 Ways to Please Your Man,” here is the 19th century version of GQ’s “13 Things to Look for in a Wife.” Quite contradictory, eh?
  • Whom are you calling Prude??? **Warning Explicit Content!!**
  • A nod to America’s Memorial Day celebration coming up; here are some pictures of the early days the Washington Monument’s construction.