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As we finalize arrangements or perhaps just start scheduling what we plan to do with our time toe celebrate for Easter, let us window shop at the Victorian fair. What items would give a nod to the 19th century? All items are found on Etsy.

A charming Easter locket, complete with the cross and Easter Lilies carved in relief.

Antique  Locket 1910 Religious Cross Victorian  GOld filled Nouveau Easter lily MEMORIAL

A lovely Easter ensemble, in the Edwardian tea-dress vein.

Downtown Abbey Dress - Women's 1910 Blue Gown

Gloves for spring! Note the adorable and season appropriate flora.

ON SALE Vintage Madeleine Debs Painted Roses Short Gloves 6 Easter

Sweet flats with pink rosettes for a Regency-inspired footwear. The American Duchess has the more authentic version here, for the buyer to “dress” the shoe anyway she likes.

Wedding Shoes - Ballet Flats, Vintage Lace and Lilac Rosettes, Swarovski Crystals and Pearls, The Belle- Women's Bridal Shoes

Ah, the parasol. So dainty and necessary here in the Southwest. I covet thee.

Ivory Old Fashion  Battenburg Lace Umbrella Wedding Bridal Parasol

For the fashionable, Easter is often equated with a new frock, gloves, shoes, parasol, but the most important feature is by far . . . the bonnet. This one is truly enormous!

Despite its religious overtones of the Victorian Easter, what is Easter without the egg? Below is a hand-carved egg in a Victorian lacework pattern.

Hand Carved Victorian Lace Rhea Egg: Full Floral Pattern

Last, but not least, we could not forget the Bunny! (not for sale on Etsy or otherwise, please be responsible when adopting a pet of any kind, no matter how cute their squishy-little face is).