The Industrious Young Lady-A Victorian girl and her accomplishments

Despite my ridiculous convalescence, I attempted to sneak into work and be productive. They were short lived escapades, however, either from my own physical exhaustion or being sent home by my Superior like a scolded child. Since last Thursday, my throat closed up, I could not swallow or breathe (or sleep). Once, throat was in fine order, I landed back in bed with a double bleeding ear infection. Now ears are doing better, I have a hacking cough and a blood shot eye. Gaaaaaah! This is me! Lady M, who only gets ill twice a year for about three days each. I surpassed my annual quota. This is most unsettling.


Aside from hallucinations due to medicines, sleep deprivations, severe nightmares . . . I found some time to think. Or as my brother would state “Stop it, you are starting to dwell.” I do not have many options in this state and I sympathize more with Victorian ailments and Modern predicaments that lay up a patient for days and weeks on end. First, I noticed, no one sent me to Europe to recover for the baths or fresh air. I admit I am a bit put-out.

My Leadership Academy Class has ended and I missed the last three sessions, which saddens me greatly. On the other hand, it has opened up some time to learn something new and finish restoring the cottage. I ought to use this time to further my domestic skills, or lack there of, as the case may be. Perhaps, I ought to be more diligent about cooking, or gardening (my poor rose bush!). I want to relearn the piano, but I am saving that endeavor for next year, when the piano is bequeath to me. . . After much deliberation, I concluded I shall learn needlepoint. Cross-stitch to be exact. It is a part of an Accomplished Lady’s repertoire, it is a bit frivolous, but pretty and gives me a chance to procrastinate the skills that really matter. I alerted one of my friend, who exclaimed, “Oh! That is much too easy. Why do you not try knitting?” I assured her, it will not be easy, since I have tackled cross stitch once before with highly unsatisfactory results.–If anyone has viewed the movie Austenland; the scene where Ms. Charming is attempting to cross-stitch in netted gloves . . .? That shall be me. All the way!