I have been under the weather the past two days. More than likely severe allergies. Did not get the local honey in time! My throat closed up and because I was weak for a moment I thought I was dying. I know, I know very Shakespearean Drama. As a result I could not sleep because I could not breathe and my throat was so painfully sore. So I am sure sleep deprivation and medical affects resulted in my hallucinations.



I had dreams of sponsoring a baby girl elephant from the Tsavo National Park in Kenya and named her Brightness. I spent a day as her caretaker (with her care taker) playing with her ears, rolling in the mud, kicking the soccer ball around and then covered her in my purple Mexican wool blanket as she bed down for the night. . .

Riiiiight. So then I gargled with salt water, gulped down a spoonful of honey, drank tepid water, used nasal spray,and took a shot of Nyquil. My Suitor stopped by with cough drops and throat lozenges and sprite. Then I had this dream . . .

I was hit by a bus (car?) looked like Shailene Woodley in The Fault in Our Stars, went by the name Sara (my name so does not resemble “Sara”). Felt like I was abducted by Aliens where I was greeted by Aunt Becky from Full House she was explaining to me what we call numbers are actually Letters and what we call Letters are actually numbers and that people ate Words (which looks like play-doh food). Scott Wolf made an appearance and an androgynous spunky African kid was sort of my silent host who showed me what to do. It all made sense to me at the time!

My Suitor woke me up from my stupor and made me take a hot-cold shower, while he cooked up tomato soup with goldfish crackers. Still not in my right mind, I apparently I held a conversation with him at dinner about Mozart (from the biography I just finished), wondering about the difference between a musician, composer, and instrumentalist. Can you call yourself a musician if you do not create anything original? What is a timpani? What about every other musical word in the book I don’t understand? Did you know my parent’s are going to bequeath their upright piano to me? Could My Suitor teach me the piano? What if our children are not musically inclined? How many of Mozart compositions are in C Major–Why are their little fish in my soup???

Needless to say, he sent me back to bed. In fact, I found him a rather bossy nurse. Yet, I finally slept. Did not move in fact. Have a kink in my neck, but otherwise I am 93% better. Missed two days of work! Two days!? That is unheard off. I shall go in tomorrow to make up for lost time. Now that my mind has cleared a bit. –Lastly, I my co-worker sent me this while I was medically under: