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First non-parental visitor to sleep at Diamondleaf Cottage this weekend! Sure, it is my Cousin, Mlle V, but I shall take my victories where I can find them. I have a small list of options for entertainment; the cinema, shopping at the Promenade, visiting the new library, or the county fair. Most of festive shows and galleries were held last weekend, of course. We could go the quaint route and read, play cards, view a DVD on my laptop, have a go at checkers, chess, charades, or do the usual and talk up a storm while painting our toenails . . . Perhaps, drive her around on in my carriage and see the sights???

The food preparations are completed. I know upon her late arrival we shall have tea and biscuits. The following day, we will dine at Richard’s for luncheon, as it is her first time in Town. I will attempt to make dinner (cross your fingers!). Sunday is fruit before church service and then lunch at Senora M’s before V heads back home . . .

I am off to prepare the room!

File:Stevens, Alfred Emile Leopold Joseph Victor - Visit to the Studio - Google Art Project.jpg

Visit to the Studio by Alfred Emile Leopold Joseph Victor Stevens (seriously could his name BE any longer???), 1891.