Do you recall Disney’s Sleeping Beauty? In scene where Princes Aurora is dancing and her little fairy friends are waging war with one another over the color of her ball gown; while the Princess is completely oblivious and staring at her dreamy Prince? Well, to partially honor that scene from the movie, I chose a casual contemporary cocktail-length sleeveless cowl-neck sweater dress for the first house warming party. Nothing too formal, which I am sure would make my co-workers uncomfortable.

Does it sound like I am a slave to the Muse? Or a little too theme-based? You are quite right! I think it is best not to divulge the reasons why I choose certain things because people will think me foolish or mad. Do you find this so? This is by far, the most casual of the housewarming parties this year. Which makes me exhausted to think of planning the other ones!