Two weeks, until my first House Warming Party! Three months have elapsed since taking up residence at Diamondleaf Cottage. In some ways, it seems like quite a long time, but looking around the place, I feel I have not achieved as much as I would have hoped. C’est le vie. I am assuring my guests not to expect a finish product. All the walls have not been painted, I still await the stencils. Once the painting is complete then I can really add decorative layers, such as paintings, lamps, draperies, curios and touches of personality. In the great room, a pony wall will need to be knocked down. After which, I may resume painting and installing iron art and the like. *sigh*

My Co-Workers and their families are eager to see the place. . . I am curious of their reactions, especially since it is still in the middle of the renovation process. I shall take photographs of the House Warming and post them on Monday March 10th. It is dually exciting and stressful endeavor!