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I was under the weather the other day . . . I still have a mild case of . . .  something. Stress, perhaps? So for today’s news I added an extra article to hopefully make up for the lack of post yesterday. My internet is currently unavailable so I am utilizing a public access computer. Very librarian of me. This month’s news is all sorts of random. Enjoy!

Back from the grave! The Victorian cocktail shaker!

The life story of addiction, adultery, and scandal!

Victorian Etiquette Tour?! Oh, do sign me up!

Florida Hotel acts as Museum. Drool worthy pictures.

San Francisco Museum opens its 19th century chapter . . .

Modern meets History. Urban, Goth, and Poe-inspired menswear fashion?! Do let me see!

Paris Exhibition celebrates the splendor of the Belle Epoque. Swoon!

I feel foolish not knowing this. Were you aware there were submarines during the Civil War??

EXTRA: A grim Victorian Era computer game! *squeee!*