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Hercules at the Crossroads by Pietro Benvenuti 1828

I shall let you in on a little secret. . . My Suitor already queried my father for my hand in marriage. A while ago, apparently. I use this term with the modern definition to connote “a blessing/approval.”

Both of our parents are rather traditional and despite some people’s perception as an anti-feminist move; I disagree. I am a self-proclaimed “Daddy’s Girl” and My Suitor is definitely a “Mama’s Boy.” Having seen our elder brothers and sisters tear our families apart and invite discord within the nuclear family dynamics with their choices of intimates, My Suitor and I agreed we would not move forward without such a blessing from both sets of parents. It is very important to us, in-line with our distinct personalities, and our values. Admittedly, it is not for everyone. However, it is fitting for us.

So, how did the Meeting of Men go? From the little bit that I have gleaned from the last few months, it was rather realistic. My father says our temperaments are wonderfully matched and we are well-suited. However, he has misgivings about some other aspects of My Suitor’s life. As such, he laid forth a challenge of sorts, or an ultimatum, depending on you view it. My Suitor, who left his collegiate career, must return and complete his formal university education; after which My Suitor may be allowed issue a elaborate and grand proposal to me and we shall be married. My Suitor accepted these terms and is now struggling to finish school, continuing his no debt lifestyle and consequently working two to four jobs.

Many people close to me are incensed at my father’s terms. I find it rather romantic *clasps hands and bats eyelashes* A hero fighting for the love of a fair lady? How delightful! It is like Hercules and the Twelve Labours! (Sort of) His sacrifices makes me love and appreciate him more. I always wanted a gentleman to fight for me. Though oddly, in this instance, he is fighting with himself. . . put you understand my point. I know that during Meeting of Men, My Suitor calmly explained his reasons for leaving and surmised with a variant of ‘a degree is just a piece of paper.’ My father nodded once and considered this; “A degree IS just a piece of paper, and so is a marriage license; and you damn well better have that too!”–Like, I said, it was a serious conversation about expectations, reality, financial circumstances, and geographical logistics. I am more than willing to wait, as long as My Suitor is willing to fight; although I did tell him I demand to be married before I am forty!

Dear Readers I do hope you have or find someone (whether it is a significant other, a bosom friend, or family member) who will FIGHT for you! Everyone deserves that person in their corner.

Happy Valentines Day, Dear Readers!