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Who out there does not love a party? You, in the back, put your hand down.–I love little soirees and themed parties. I have in mind to have literature themed events for my own children (some day . . .  in the future . . .) Of course, I am thinking along the lines of 19th century children’s literature. The most famous of these is Alice in Wonderland’s Tea Party. So many wonderful events and websites cover this particular theme. So I thought I ought to look into an alternative:

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by F.L. Baum, 1900

First there is Dorothy and her pup (ideally a live dog, preferably black and/or scruffy, but any smallish dog shall do. Borrow one from neighbor . . .)

Then there is a tornado . . .

The Best Wizard of Oz Birthday Party ideas

Resulting in a dead witch

In Munchkinland

She is given some dazzling footwear . . . (wee size is shown)

Dorothy is instructed to  . . .

Where upon she meets some rather peculiar gentlemen
Group heads to witch’s castle and encounters some mythical beasts
They return to Emerald City with Witch’s broom
A hot air balloon makes an appearance
And heels are clicked three times and returned to Kansas–the end
Oh and there is a rainbow some where.
I have other adventure stories for boys from 19th century children’s books in mind as well. . . I shall try my hand at that another day.