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Caroline Norton by Sir George Hayter, 1832

I have been incredibly busy with Diamondleaf and it seems like I shall be taking on more refurbishing tasks come February. Yet, I have also been quite productive at work lately and I must say while the productivity does make time speed up; it is dually quicker and exceedingly boring. How on earth, does that happen!? I am in the midst of planning our first ever Adult Summer Reading Program, that actually includes programs. . . there is much leg work, connections, contacts, scheduling, and pricing to be done. Which would be grand, if people would just reply. Since, I work at both libraries, I must make sure each library is represented in the Summer festivities, it is almost twice the work.

As a result, I decided to write to the staff of both branches mass emails, once or twice a month to keep them up to date on my progress and my ponderings. The staff love these long missives and eagerly look forward to them. My supervisor, agreed they are most amusing as well as informative. She nominated me to write the State Library Association Newsletter! I am thrilled!

My co-workers have been approaching stating, “Since you’re the writer–and you ARE “The” writer, could you . . . .?” I am most tickled! I always desired to be a writer/poet, but you know that story already. So this is quite a boost to my ego, I must say. However, you notice they never preface a conversation with “Since, you know how to spell . . .” or “Since, you’re such a great cook . . .” –Meh. We each have our own talents. Relish and hone yours, my Dear Readers; who knows where it will take you?