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A London News Boy by Augustus Edwin Mulready

The news returns! I believe it has been three months or more since I posted relevant 19th century news. It is a new year and time to get back to par with standard posts. This month there are many mentions of up-coming cinematic features with a dash of Downton Abbey updates and a pinch of random but interesting articles. Just for the record, I am in so eager to see the movie Belle!

The cast of Downton Abbey like you have never seen them before!

Five things the Victorians got right about dating. Do you agree???

Belle! Technically, this is 18th century so Lady Susan and American Duchess should be ecstatic. I can hardly wait for this one!

Months ago I mentioned the new Julian Fellows is coming out with the Gilded Age . . . but does it have to be at the demise of Downton????

Victorians are quirky sportsmen . . . though this does remind me a bit of Three-Way Chess mentioned on the Big Bang Theory . . .Video clip included!

For those of you who watched The Paradise, comes another Emile Zola adaptation titled In Secret. The cast is rather fitting! Trailer provided via link.

The Pioneer, Toy, a tragic baseball history.

Word is getting out about Charles Dickens’ secret love affair. This film is based of the book of the same name; The Invisible Woman. This is Nelly’s story.