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To appease the lovers of tea and its quaint ceremony, I am devoting January’s shopping post to the art of tea.

The piece de resistance! The tea pot or the tea kettle, depending on your preference. Below is a rather ornate embossed silver Victorian version. Alas, it has already been purchased from this seller, but there are others out there.

Tea cups are often adorned with floral motifs or pretty garden insects. Modern offerings showcase plain white, solid colors, or quirky design. I prefer the floral or the quirky. . .

I speculate that the treasure chests pirates buried were loaded with tea! Quite the idea, is it not?? Tea was “vital” to the European way of life; practically a currency. What could be more treasured to pirates then stealing something of high value? Hence, the tea chest (I made this up by the way, should anyone think it is fact and quote me on it.)

I have three teas I swear by. My signature tea at Diamondleaf is a blueberry tea. It gets rave reviews. The other tea is Don Enrique, a very mild, almost weak Mexican tea used for curing aliments of the throat and lungs. However, the best tea I have ever had in my life still stands as Empress Tea from the Fairmont Empress Hotel in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. Surely, the ambiance helped, but even my father who was dragged kicking and screaming into the tea room confessed that it, too, is the only tea he enjoyed. Now you can own this heavenly concoction yourself.


Cream and sugar any one? How do you take your tea? I like it plain. I am most uninteresting in that way. The sugar and creamer sets are always lovely, though.

Wayside Pansy Porcelain Cream and Lidded Sugar Bowl Set

Tea spoons. Perfect for stirring tea. Sometimes known as five o’clock spoons, in reference to the time high tea is taken of those with English backgrounds. I stumbled upon these jaw dropping works of craftsmanship. (Note to self: Place ridiculously beautiful silver tea spoon on future baby registry just for the heck of it).

What is tea without crumpets? While, I personally, never had one, I am debating on ordering these, as many a Brit swears by them (closest to mum’s home-made cooking, if they must purchase a parcel). Best eaten warme, with butter and perhaps a smidgen of jam.

Warburtons Crumpets 6 Pack

Just remember a proper tea “party”, has it’s own dress code. The hems of the frocks may skirt the floor or be “tea length” (which its the middle of the calf or as low as two inches above the ankles) Below a dress fit for tea with the Queen!