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Those who follow 19th Century Modern have grown accustomed to my idiosyncrasies. For those who are new to the blog may be unaware . . .  I am a thematic kind of gal. As such, I am claiming 2014 to be the Year of the Victorian!

What on earth does that mean? I shall attempt to incorporate more Victorian-esque activities into my daily routine. Tea, written correspondence, long strolls about town, entertaining my five hundred closest friends and so on and so forth. I desire to become more idyllic in the form of retrograde manners and pastimes.

I shall try to be more organic in these endeavors and fold them into my low-tech life, not the usual hard-core extreme such as giving up my car, wearing a corset or parting with my microwave but in time, I shall do all those things!

I aim to keep cost low this year and focus on settling into Diamondleaf Cottage and entertaining in the Victorian way. Which may sound like an oxymoron, but I shall do my best to try. This is especially true of the 2014 holidays. There will be a Victorian Christmas here at Diamondleaf Cottage this year! You heard it here first!

Now let us cheer again for the new year! HUZZAH! *clinks teacups*