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Almost a month has passed since I moved into Diamondleaf and it I must admit, it has been quite the adventure . . . in a sort of plodding boring sort of way.

Today is my first live post from the Diamondleaf, since it is the first day I have internet service! I relayed to my colleague that I do not own a television, my internet was not hooked up, my phone service is not existent inside my dwelling (save for the most unusual six inch square reception area in my parlor), the heat is sporadic and my electricity flickers. She was aghast! “What on earth do you DO?! Read by candlelight?”–Pretty much. I am proud to say I am almost caught up with my reading from April. APRIL, people! That’s horrible. I am still unpacking and painting. Sky blue ceilings throughout! Oh, do not look so shocked, I said before I adore color and white walls make me cry.

I was also adopted by a cat, who may or may not be the neighbors outside cat, the local stray, or (as horrible as it is to think) the previous owner’s of the cottage, who may have just left him. I dubbed the black and white spotted feline “Macbeth.” A nice gender neutral name (if it is a boy I’d call it Mac and if it is a girl I’d call it Beth). The name came about because I am allergic to cats and My Suitor who likes to pop by the cottage is deathly allergic to cats. The first phrase when I saw the cat sitting right in front of the cottage door was “Out, out, damn spot!” Voila! Macbeth! It is also fitting that it is a literary name. S/he likes to kill pigeons and eat them in my backyard. *Sigh* I wave at Macbeth when I see him/her around. Macbeth looks at me cautiously or bored-like, as cats tend to do. I believe Macbeth hangs around, because he is trying to tell me something. My Suitor disagrees and states it is just feline curiosity; “If cats were smart, we all would be dead!”

On my first full day at Diamondleaf Cottage, I went shopping in the morning and accumulated loads of home goods for a shockingly reasonable price. I was rather proud of myself for my sensible haul. I returned to Cottage to warm up some lunch . . . the sweet and sour packet exploded in the microwave. *Deep sigh* This is going to be a trend, I am sure. I am still feeling out the home and its quirks.

I also discovered a bit about the previous owner through his mailings. NO, I did not open his letters! That would be illegal! Besides, I do not wish to pay his bills. From the catalogs and subscriptions, I gathered “Xavier” to be a soccer-playing, Catholic gambler. The man, gets so many solicitations from Casinos all over the world . . . it does make me wonder . . .

I hope you all had a lovely holiday and now that I have been reacquainted with modern age via internet service, my post should be far more regular.