Day's End Retreat Art Print

I always wanted a house-blessing, I feel it brings good tidings to a new domicile. More importantly, after viewing a rash of hauntings on ghost shows, I was more eager to have a blessing to dispel any negative energy left by previous owners.

Home blessings come in many forms, the basis is a sort of prayer. Other ceremonies include salt, holy water, oils, herbs, and incense. Although, in some instances it is consider a ‘cleansing.’ At the very least the person blessing the abode does so over the threshold, however all doorways, windows and property lines are also common. While I believe anyone can do a blessing, many prefer an ordained person of a faith. My Suitor performed the cottage’s blessing prayer with salt over all the exterior doors.

Those of the Christian faith, tend to use passages from Scripture. Other times, it is just a sincere prayer. Normally, people pray for health, wealth, happiness, and fertility. I think some of the best home blessings/poems/toast steam from the Irish. Here is a sampling:

May the roof above us never fall in/and may the friends we gather never fall out.

May joy and peace surround you/ Contentment latch your door/And happiness be with you now/ And bless you evermore.

May your troubles be less/May your blessings be more/ And may nothing but happiness/Come through your door!

May you have walls for the wind/A roof for the rain/Tea beside the fire/Laughter to cheer you/Those you love near you/ And all that your heart might desire!

Bless you and yours/As well as the Cottage you live in./May the roof over your head be well thatched/and those inside be well matched.