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Thatched Cottages at Cordeville, Auvers-Sur-Oise Giclee Print

Thatched Cottages at Cordeville, Auver-Sur-Oise by Vincent Van Gogh

As it happens my mind is all muddled with all things cottage related. I am nesting, what can I say? As a result there will be a weekly post on aspects of the home and interior design. I shall try not to bore you on the subject but I am super delighted about this whole endeavor!

As mentioned previously, I devised a budget and created a two year decorating plan. Yes, two years out! I am systematic like that (My family says I am “anal”, but that just sounds so distasteful.) There shall be eight phases of renovating and decorating in the next two years. See? All planned out.

My currently plain little cottage is full of potential, below is one item I am considering for each phase. With random commentary, as per usual. It will also allow a glimpse in the direction my decorating is headed.

Phase One: Security and Minor Repairs

Garden-esque Security Door

Ugh, the mandatory and practical phase. Nothing really aesthetic other than the security door.

Phase Two: Master Bed and Bath

Halifax 7-piece Gold Comforter Set

Bedspread fit for a Cottage Princess

While traditional home decorating instructs the occupant to begin in the common/public spaces; I do the exact opposite and start in the most intimate spaces. My own boudoir. Reason being, is I detest having to wake up in a white walled room every morning. It depresses me. I prefer to wake up happy and carry the felicitous mood into other areas.

Phase Three: Guest Bed and Bath

 After myself, the real focus is the guests’ rooms. The perfect Victorian hostess made sure her guest were most comfortable and want for nothing. I shall aim to please.

Phase Four: Kitchen/Dining/Living Room

Shabby Chic, French Provincial, something with a bird and a twig on it

*heaves sigh* This will be, by far, the most expensive design phase. In the cottage, this is an open layout and one enormous wall hosts multiple spaces. On the bright side, this area is to be my piece de résistance! I have marvelously GRAND plans for this area!

Phase Five: Office and Utility Room

Shockingly, I have yet to settle on a layout for my home office. Granted, I have chosen the colors already. Of course.

Phase Six: Continuity

Should I ever leave my cottage, research shows, continuity is a selling point. A home with continuous flooring, all matching hardware, and cabinets add value to the estate. Likewise they can also be costly.

Phase Seven: Exterior of Cottage

I plan on touching up the front of the home with subtle accents. Nothing too ostentatious. The Home Owners Association (HOA) would not allow it.

Phase Eight: Landscape

Another money pit. This one will be the most tricky phase to conclude. The front yard would have to be HOA approved so I can guarantee ivy covered fences are out of the question. Front shall be minimal. The backyard I dream of Southwestern English Garden because that makes no sense what so ever. No cacti, but no water-sucking plants either, with a few blooms . . .  I will be calling in the professional gardeners for this one!!