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For those of you who took the poll last week . . . my news has arrived! I have purchased a small cottage in the small town where I work! I am beyond thrilled!

Just so we are in understanding, I say “cottage” to mean a home that is less than 1,500 feet square. A “true” historical cottage is really anywhere from 400-1,000 square feet. Also, when I say “cottage” I do not mean a home which is typified by the English or New England’s shores; this is after all the modern Southwest replete with manufactured/planned/track/cookie cutter dwelling in an HOA ruling neighborhood.

I plan to do a complete overhaul of the place which is incredibly good condition. I shall be updating with pictures along the way. I have mapped out a renovation outline, created a budget, and planned a few house warming/open house parties . . .  because I am most peculiar and Type A. In the end it will exude a “cottage inspired” look.

Today, I received the keys to the cottage and started a new chapter in my life!